Drive digital transformation with the Spenza Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Software

A complete and cost-effective TEM system and solution stack like never before

TEM Anywhere

Web-based solution making it easy to implement and use anywhere in the world.

Small or large business needs

Out-of-the-box functionality as self-serve, assisted or managed TEM services for any business size and type.

Mixed technology, no problem

Catering for any mix of communication service providers and technology.

What does a TEM System do?

A Telecom Expense Management system enables businesses to order, provision, support and manage costs of telecom services and their inventories across the workforce. A TEM system also includes business intelligence (BI); reporting and analytics suitable for tracking expenses, managing budgets, and driving action at a strategic and operational level.

In addition to a TEM system, Spenza offers optional Telecom Expense Management services and a marketplace for procuring business mobile services. With this complete solution stack, we like to term our offer as Integrated Mobility Management. Everything you need to buy, provision, manage and control your enterprise mobility policy.

All in one easy-to-use platform. Automated. Integrated. Cost-effective. 

TEM System Screenshot

Comprehensive analytics

Visualize your costs and improvement opportunities with great dashboards, reports and data export options

Automation & integration simplifies

Reducing manual effort improves productivity, enhances timeliness, reduces errors and makes everyone’s life easier

Control at your fingertips

Setting and managing your enterprise mobility policy has never been easier with proactive and reactive options

Marketplace options

Optional integrated mobile services and devices to bring even greater benefits

TEM System histogram

Measurement, Reporting and Insights (MRI) that deliver

Comprehensive visualization

Our MRI lets you see things at a global (business/unit) or granular (user/asset) level.

Dashboard and directed reporting

View, report and forecast how you want and share with colleagues via reporting options.

Stranded assets and overage alerts

Monitor and report high-use or low/zero-use for enhanced insights and cost savings.

Finance compliant

Easily set and track budgets by department and integrate or export to Finance systems.

TEM automation and integration options to simplify your IT and Finance operations

Seamless integrations

Inclusive API integrations and custom options to setup and manage TEM with ease.

Enterprise mobility policy configuration

Easily configure the mobility policy rules and parameters for our smart TEM to ensure compliance.

Automate processes

Remove or reduce manual effort in the administration and management of telecom services and expenses.

Invoice audits

Automatically audit invoices against expected data points and generate alerts and validations for follow-up and correction.

TEM system integrations
TEM system policy configuration 600

Manage enterprise mobility policy and telecom expenses with ease

Order and provisioning management

Track orders and provisioning to ensure nothing falls between the gaps.

Inventory management

Onboard users, services and devices via integrations, uploads or manually and maintain data integrity with ease.

Invoice management

Upload invoices or integrate with supplier systems (where available) to validate, process and approve for payment. Pay from TEM or integrate to Finance systems.

TEM Services

Optional targeted assistance or fully managed services put our experts to work for you with the TEM automation core ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Great business mobile service plans and devices to suit every business need*

Aggregation at work

We negotiate on a volume basis for you to get great prices.

Mix & Match

Mobile service providers and plans tailored to employee and business needs, all on one bill.

Deep integrations

Marketplace plans include integrations that enable near-real-time reporting, alerts and management.

Optimum cost and quality

Our smart TEM enables us to identify when a different plan is better and automatically apply it, keeping costs down without any manual review.

* USA, other geographies coming soon

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