Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services for enhanced agility and cost effectiveness

TEM Experts

Let our TEM experts simplify your operations

Our self-service TEM system is great for businesses that want to manage their mobility policy in-house. But even then, additional resources and complementary skills can be useful at times.

iSimplexity provides a full range of expert TEM Services. So if you would rather focus your teams on your core business, you can leave it all to us. We will manage and scale your enterprise mobility policy operations as needed.

Or we can help with just some of the areas you want. Either way, our TEM experts are here to help.

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What are TEM Services?

TEM Services are provided to businesses by Telecom Expense Management experts in support of their enterprise mobility policy. Services are typically adapted to the business processes and organization to ensure effectiveness, or the business can decide to adopt best practices from the TEM Services provider.

Services are usually wrapped around a TEM system to enable efficiency, speed and accuracy. The all-important automation also analyses data and executes on insights within the policy framework set.

TEM Services can be anything from occasional or one-off assistance requests, to targeted support for existing teams, to a fully-managed outsourced TEM and enterprise mobility management.   

In addition to TEM services, iSimplexity offers a leading TEM System and an integrated marketplace for procuring business mobile services. With this complete solution stack, we like to term our offer as Integrated Mobility Management. Everything you need to buy, provision, manage and control your enterprise mobility policy.

All in one easy-to-use platform. Automated. Integrated. Cost-effective. 

Assisted TEM

A little help to get you started or occasionally when you need it

Partially Managed Services

Supporting or managing a few select areas of your ongoing TEM policy administration

Fully Managed Services

Making life simple with outsourced TEM at its best

Consulting & Advisory

Expertise to help in any area of Telecom Expense Management and enterprise mobility policy

Assisted TEM

Assisted TEM

A little help can go a long way! We know that using even great software for the first time can be made a lot easier with a helping hand. So, apart from our online help, how-to videos and excellent ongoing support, we also offer some direct assistance for you to make the most of our TEM system.


Included for free with our Premium TEM or for a small fee with our Standard TEM. We help you get all your services and people into the TEM system, configure and get you going. Optional personalised training is also available.

Ad-hoc assistance

You may not need ongoing services, but we won’t turn you away if you have the occasional request for any extra help you may want. Let us know what you need and if it’s not covered by our support contract then we will tell you how much it will cost in advance for you to decide.

Partially Managed Services

If you don’t need fully managed or outsourced TEM, we can provide very specific ongoing services to complement your existing resources and skills. Our TEM experts are ready to take on pretty much any aspect of your mobility policy administration from operations to management.

When we discuss your service needs with you we will explore your current process and resource pool to determine what services you may need. These can be very small, or quite extensive; we will customize to meet your needs and budgets and set clear pricing in advance so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Partially Managed Services

Fully Managed/Outsourced TEM Services

If you’re new to Telecom Expense Management or simply want to focus your existing team on core business work areas, we’re happy to manage your TEM for you.

Services will be designed around your business and workforce needs and integrate into your defined processes. Regular reporting and service reviews ensure that we meet expectations and continue to improve. Where we feel your business and workforce would benefit, we also make recommendations for policy and process changes that we observe. Proactive improvement for your business and employee satisfaction as standard.

Consulting & Advisory

Our Telecom Expense Management experts have been around a while! So, we like to share what we have learnt over the years.

Apart from our Free Initial Assessment, our TEM experts can help you assess mobility policy options and recommend the best way forward for your business. Our business case support will clearly illustrate the cost-benefits of any options to enable rapid and sensible decisions.

We can also help write your policy and processes to make sure everything works well, and then support or drive implementation.

TEM Consulting


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