Global connectivity platform for
Wearables, IoT & eSIM vendors

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Modern Wireless connectivity & Spend management platform

Enable any business to launch branded mobile experiences

Device vendors

Resell mobile plans for your devices globally & manage subscriptions without any hassles


Track global wireless spend and deploy IOT & smartphone eSIM plans for all devices


Offer branded Wireless expense management services with automation and custom reports

Save $500/line

Save upto $500 annually per line with API-based spend optimization

Active control

Move away from manual processes with easy to use app

Curated options

Procure from curated mobile plans from 15+ operators across the globe

1-click deployment

Use eSIMs to remotely activate mobile plans for your distributed workforce

Join 100+ companies using Spenza

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Flexible and scalable connectivity solutions for Connected Devices

Global connectivity

4G/5G Data, Voice and SMS with local and international operators in 200+ countries.

A to Z of devices including IoT, smartdevices and tablets

Seamlessly manage all your devices, services and plans in a single place.

Connectivity management APIs

Robust and flexible API based solution to support your innovation

A Wireless Expense Management software that works!

Comprehensive visualization and analytics

All the stuff you’d expect like great dashboards and reports, but way more to satisfy even the most demanding of cost-control and proactive budget management needs.

Automate and integrate

Designed from the start to minimize manual handling, our TEM system automates the procure-to-pay journey and readily integrates into existing business systems.

Proactive management control

Numerous stakeholders have varying telecom and mobility policy management needs. IT, Finance, HR, budget holders have their needs covered. Proactivity and automated workflows at its best.

Our global marketplace means you get mobile plans that works and real-time spend control

Business mobile services

Negotiations at scale allow us to bring you great mobile service rates for the small or large enterprise. Mix & Match plans and service providers across your workforce for the best cost-quality balance. Domestic and international roaming services covering 150 countries. And whatever the service mix you choose, it's all on a single bill.

Devices in the mix

We know that some businesses prefer to buy the service with the device. No problem, we offer both retail and management options.

Real-time means money

Our marketplace plans include deep integrations to the mobile service providers. This means we can monitor every event in near-real-time. No more wasted money on unused services. Instantly swap to lower cost plans where needed. Automatically.

eSIM to 3.4bn

Worldwide deployment of eSIM capable devices will triple in 3 years

Telecom Spend

On average, around 36% of IT budget is spent on communications services

Cellular Services

Mobile/wireless services spend accounts for about 20% of total communications budget


Bring your own device policy adoption has grown approximately 10x since 2014


Wireless Telecom Expense Management

Why is Wireless Telecom Expense Management so important? According to research, enterprises spend around 36% of total IT budget on communications services. Over a fifth

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