Wireless Telecom Expense Management

Why is Wireless Telecom Expense Management so important?

According to research, enterprises spend around 36% of total IT budget on communications services. Over a fifth of that cost is for wireless/mobile services, excluding devices. Wireless service providers are renowned for maximising their revenues; Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is a key industry metric. Wireless operators will therefore rarely approach your business proactively with better plans if it means cutting their revenues. This is where Wireless Telecom Expense Management – done well – adds massive value to any business.

Of course, your wireless carrier will find all sorts of great offers if you go to them and say that you are leaving for another service provider. Churn management is another key industry focal point and so your negotiating power is significant if you’re a big enterprise. Your account manager will lose sleep if they think they will lose your business. But mostly, it’s all reactive, not proactive. And you probably get stuck with inflexible long-term contracts by and large.

Wireless Telecom Expense Management enables enterprise mobility policy

Wireless Telecom Expense Management (TEM) can change this paradigm. TEM can be the guiding light to optimize costs and service needs with a proactive focus on your business wireless and mobility requirements.

Wireless as a percentage of total communications spend appears to be increasing. With improvements in data rates and overall cost positions, this is to be expected. But the COVID-19 pandemic has really accelerated this change. Telcos that provide the full range of fixed and wireless services commonly note a reduction in fixed line and an increase in wireless services this last year. With the underlying trend already in that direction, the COVID boost to mobility is bound to be relatively sticky. The case for mobility is even stronger with 5G and related technology iterations such as eSIM for enterprise. Increased workforce mobility is here to stay. And it’s becoming easier.

Benefits of Wireless Telecom Expense Management

Recognizing that business and social culture have shifted to better embrace mobility is a foundation for what comes next. To avoid overspending and budget gaps proactive attention to wireless costs is necessary. Wasted cash suits nobody except the telco. This opportunity (or loss) choice is now more prevalent than ever.

Benefits of telecom expense management
Benefits of wireless telecom expense management

A wireless TEM focus helps to:

  • Improve wireless services administration. It’s a good thing to enhance user experience and reduce the hassle factor so typical of wireless service management processes!
  • Visualize costs. Not only at a top-level, but also by region, department, team, user, etc. Good wireless TEM will also enable cost code allocations for straightforward finance system integration or export.
  • Readily identify and alert on overspend and stranded services. Nobody likes to pay for something that is not even being used. And the major users can probably be managed better.
  • Optimize costs and IT spend. Clear reporting and alerting on costs helps, but day-to-day automated proactive control and cost reduction should be a key goal of your wireless TEM practice.

How can iSimplexity help?

iSimplexity provides a web-based wireless Telecom Expense Management (TEM) system (SaaS – Software as a Service) for the full range of TEM services that any business – large or small – may need, including optional managed services. An easy-to-use platform at sensible pricing. Proactive cost control of your wireless service expenses at your fingertips, no matter where your business operates or who is your service provider(s).

But that’s not all. Wouldn’t it be nice if your wireless service provider came to you whenever there was a better deal available and asked if you would like to pay less?

Unrealistic? Not to us. Our US Business Mobile Services Marketplace includes great enterprise wireless plans (contact us for special enterprise deals). We know that everyone says that. But what we do differently is give you the option to automatically change plans and service allocations to constantly minimize costs. And you decide the price, quality and service policy framework that applies.

When you buy services from our marketplace this also allows our deep-link integrations with network operators to work magic for your cost control. Near-real-time alerts, service adjustments and truly effective and timely cost optimization is now a reality.

Even better news. When you buy mobile services through iSimplexity, our Standard TEM plan is free, or the Premium plan is discounted. We also offer custom solutions, services and pricing for larger and/or complex enterprises.

You’ll be surprised by what can be done with your existing wireless expenses. But you’ll be amazed by what you can do with real-time interfaces from our low-cost mobile services marketplace.

Contact us for more information or to arrange a demo of our solution.

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