Reimagine SaaS Management

End-to-end SaaS discovery, management and optimization platform.

Discover myriad apps

The only platform you’ll need to track SaaS apps used across department, locations and teams.

Discover and track SaaS apps

Uncover your SaaS apps portfolio with payments, API and SSO integration.

Track licenses and view invoices in one place

One place to view vendors, apps, payments and usage data.

Identify duplicate and unused apps

Find zero usage licenses, wasteful and unutilized apps across teams and departments.

Simplify SaaS operation

Automate 80% of high-frequency admin tasks with unified service management.

Deploy apps with one click

Save time for IT teams with easy apps deployment and license provisioning

Easy-to-use automations and workflow builder

Ready to use and custom automations to save time on repeated tasks

Comprehensive reporting tool for all IT needs

Automatically generate important reports whenever you need

Rebundle your SaaS portfolio

AI-based recommendation to optimize SaaS spend and meet business needs.

Bundled pricing

Get better pricing with every marketplace SaaS vendor without having to negotiate

Pay for what you use

Eliminate SaaS wastage by detecting unused apps and under-utilized plans

Single invoice for the entire SaaS portfolio

Consolidated invoice across apps, departments, teams and locations


Free with Spenza marketplace apps

Consolidate your SaaS spend with self-serve platform


Managed service + spend optimization

Discover your SaaS portfolio via email, SSO integration and payment information

Bulk import users, departments, devices and subscriptions
Import existing contract and invoices
Consolidated bill
Monthly usage analytics
Departmental cost allocation report
Enterprise connectivity policy management (budget, usage limits)
Zero usage alerting
Monthly pool and budget overage alert

Service management automation

IAM integration (Slack, Okta)
MDM integration (Airwatch, Intune)
User/Employee web application for usage reporting
Enterprise connectivity policy management
Rules based automated provisioning workflow (MACD)
Custom reports generation
Configurable dashboard & chart update actions

Plan recommendations

Plan recommendation and export
Advanced usage monitoring rules & alerting

Assisted onboarding

Background data enrichment, aggregation and import management services for hands-free telecom expense reporting.

Support - email and phone

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About Spenza

Spenza is an end-to-end SaaS discovery, operations management and spend optimization platform.

Spenza is founded by industry veterans with a mission to simply SaaS management for businesses.