Focus on your core business with outsourced Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and outsourcing enterprise mobility policy services

The benefits of outsourcing TEM

It’s always a temptation to do everything inhouse. You feel in control. The trouble with this approach is that it will distract from your core business, in particular sales and customer focus. Increasing competition in globally expanding markets is accompanied by price pressures and additional regulatory and legal challenges. Distraction from the business core strategic focus is to be avoided if these additional challenges are to be dealt with well.

Outsourced Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and outsourcing administration of the enterprise and/or global mobility policy across the workforce is a good example. TEM and enterprise mobility policy managed in-house can be immensely distracting and will likely never quite match the level of expertise that a specialist partner in this field will have.

Like home-working issues during the COVID-19 pandemic, IT ops/support can often be overwhelmed with mobility issues, complaints and service change requests from employees. But shouldn’t the IT team really be focused on supporting core, customer facing and growth-generating systems. Improving the customer journey? Supporting new sales and customer service technology? And shouldn’t Finance teams be focused on optimising revenues and costs without having to worry about mobile bill reconciliations or querying over-charges with service providers?

In the often complex and time-consuming world of telecommunications, and especially enterprise mobility policy, distraction can be significant. A lean and agile business uses expert outsourcing partners to improve business focus, reduce cost and enhance flexibility of operations. You can then ensure internal resources and energy are focused on achieving the business strategic goals.

Outsourcing well to maximise benefits

Of course, there are potential challenges in setting up an outsourcing partner for an enterprise mobility policy to execute well. The more knowledgeable the partner, the better the result. And with specialized software or processes in play the impact can be enormously positive.

Fortunately, TEM and enterprise mobility policy can easily be outsourced to experts in this field (like iSimplexity). Specialist expertise not only avoids distraction, but also ensures your business gets the optimum service and proactive attention to cost-saving options all in one place, with continually updated knowledge and systems driving this for you.

Using specially designed software for TEM and employee mobility services (and devices if needed) can help save a fortune in telecom expenses, significantly reducing budget by mapping to real mobility service needs instead of guesswork and ill-fitting service packs. Ensuring the right TEM tools and analytics are in place is fundamental to success when outsourcing your mobility policy management.

By integrating the TEM partner systems to HR (or other employee management platforms) you can simply set up the policy framework and sit back in the knowledge that the end-to-end procurement and service administration is taken care of.

Setting user limits or spend thresholds by department can be a real help to department budget holders – make sure your partners or software can do this. With solid reporting and automated alerts to proactively identify overspend or potential billing errors, the manual review/reconciliation effort disappears. So, Finance will be quite happy!

Global TEM and enterprise mobility policy outsourcing

Telecom Expense Management outsourcing on a global scale is even more powerful. Pulling together country or regional telecom usage and spend profiles visualises one of the persistent cost challenges that many companies face and so really helps to proactively manage expenses. Aggregation of the TEM and enterprise mobility policy administration globally can also enable scale via outsourcing, reducing costs further. Comparing the mobility policy of different countries/regions can also help determine the optimum approach for the business as a whole; fine tuning being built-in to the proactive partner service model.

Get an expert outsourced TEM partner

In pandemic times it’s sometimes a challenge to put mobility services on the radar with so many home working issues. But as a solid enterprise mobility policy is a proven enabler for home-working productivity and employee motivation (see this article), then perhaps it should feature as an improvement initiative sooner rather than later.

With the right Telecom Expense Management outsourcing partner also managing the transfer of any existing services administration, it can certainly be a quick win with long-lasting cost, employee and business performance benefits.

iSimplexity provides an expert TEM and enterprise/global mobility policy outsourcing service, underpinned by an enterprise SaaS (web-based software) platform for service management, transparent reporting and analysis of telecom expenses with built-in user/department allocations and alerts.

And if your business is in the USA, there is also the option for further cost reduction via our integrated business mobile service retail marketplace and extended service offerings based on our deep-link engagements with network operators. Contact us for more information.

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