Manage enterprise mobility KPIs with Spenza dashboard

IT teams manage enterprise mobility by peering through dated telecom invoices or asking for reports from operators. This is inefficient and time consuming – not to mention operator reports are frequently incorrect!
With Spenza, IT and operations teams can monitor their connectivity portfolio in one place with all key performance indicators (KPIs) in one place. The KPIs include spend, activation, usage and service requests across device types, operators, locations and departments.

This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough of the Spenza dashboard, explaining how to interpret data and manage resources effectively.

Total Lines

The Total Lines card displays the total number of lines procured in the previous month, along with the number of active and zero-usage lines. This overview helps you quickly assess the status and utilization of your telecom resources.

Line Usage

The Line Usage area shows data usage for the previous and current ongoing month. This information helps you monitor consumption trends and manage data more efficiently.

Currency Breakdown

Spenza supports multiple currencies, providing a breakdown of all fields based on currency. This feature allows you to manage expenses in different currencies easily and keep track of international costs.

Phone Lines

The Phone Lines column provides a detailed breakdown of the total lines based on currency.

Line Spend

The Line Spend section displays the spend incurred for the previous month, giving you a clear view of your telecom expenses. This helps in budgeting and financial planning.

Month to Date Invoice

This section displays the spend for the current month, providing real-time tracking of your ongoing telecom expenses. It’s useful for keeping up-to-date with your current financial commitments.

Unpaid Invoices and Credit Balance

The Unpaid Invoices column shows invoices generated for any purchases or subscriptions in the current month. The Credit Balance column displays the top-up balance stored on your Spenza account, ensuring you have sufficient funds for future transactions.

Spend Trend Graph & Usage Tracking

The Spend Trend Graph allows you to monitor the total spend for each subscription across multiple operators over any given time frame and in any given currency, with an operator-wise split. This helps in identifying spending patterns and optimizing costs.

Track your data, voice, and SMS usage, as well as active subscriptions across different months. This comprehensive usage tracking ensures you stay informed about how your telecom services are being utilized.

Phone Line Data Usage Histogram

The Phone Line Data Usage Histogram shows the line split across different phone line departments, providing a visual representation of usage distribution. This helps in understanding departmental usage patterns.

Phone Lines Group Metrics

The Phone Lines Group Metrics section shows the spend and usage split across different user departments. This helps in departmental budgeting and resource allocation.

Plan Subscription Cohort Analysis

The Plan Subscription Cohort Analysis provides data on subscription churn and illustrates the retention performance of subscriptions based on their creation month. This analysis helps in understanding customer behavior and improving retention strategies.

Reports Page

Navigate to the Reports page to access custom reports tailored to customer requests. These reports provide detailed insights and help in making informed decisions.

Manage your telecom spend with Spenza by uploading all invoices and tracking expenses in one place. Check out our blog on Spenza TEM platform here: Link

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