How to launch a MVNO with SPENZA

In the ubiquitous world of mobile services, Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) play a crucial role by offering tailored services and innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of consumers and businesses. However, launching an MVNO can be a complex and resource-intensive endeavor. Spenza provides a streamlined path to launching a lite-MVNO in a few days. Spenza offers a comprehensive platform, eSIM-based multi-operator contracts, and advanced apps that accelerate and simplifies the MVNO business.

How Spenza accelerates  MVNO business.

1. Comprehensive MVNO enablement platform: Spenza offers an end-to-end platform for launching a MVNO, from initial planning to implementation and ongoing management. This includes network integration, billing systems, subscription management, and marketing strategies, ensuring companies have all the necessary tools and support.

2. Global Connectivity: Spenza enables MVNOs to resell  4G/5G data and voice services in over 200 countries with Spenza-negotiated operator contracts, offering both local and roaming services with a flexible pool and unlimited plan options. Irrespective if the use cases, be it for fixed applications or traveling, high or low bandwidth applications for consumer or IOT devices Spenza ensures reliable global connectivity tailored to your needs with eSIM or SIMs with multi-operator connectivity.

3. Connectivity & Subscription Platform: Manage consumer and IoT devices and services through a single platform. Spenza’s platform allows for the reselling and tracking of subscriptions, making it easy to manage devices, services, and plans in one place. The platform supports both SIM and eSIM-based device activation, providing a completely digital experience with remote activation capabilities.

4. Management APIs: Spenza’s API-based connectivity solution offers access to dozens of operators, enabling the integration of voice, SMS, and data solutions across 5G, LTE, NB-IOT, LTE-M, and other IoT configurations. The robust APIs support complex workflows, on-field activation/deactivation of services, and seamless management of global connectivity services.

5. White-label consumer apps: With Spenza consumer APIs and apps, MVNOs can launch branded mobile service with custom activation flow through apps and messaging services like SMS, Whatsapp, or a browser. The entire user experience and messaging can be personalized to align with brand promise, device form factor and user needs.

The Process and Speed of Launching an MVNO with Spenza’s Support

1. Initial Consultation and Planning: The journey begins with an in-depth consultation to understand the company’s vision and requirements. Spenza’s experts develop a tailored strategy and roadmap for the MVNO launch. This typically involves understanding the MVNO business goals, identifying target market and end-user connectivity needs. 

2. Service design and mapping end-user journey: Based on the MVNO’s requirements and volume projections, Spenza proposes the mobile plan, pricing and end user experience. MVNOs will have the choice of calibrating the pricing and user experience to align with business goals. Spenza offers a wide range of operator partners and additionally MVNOs can use their own operator contracts for designing the mobile plans.

3. Network Integration: Spenza has pre-integrated with major operators and facilitates seamless integration with additional network operators, ensuring reliable and high-quality connectivity. This includes technical setup, testing, and validation to automate  inventory, service management and billing for the MVNOs.

4. Accounts setup and launch: Spenza configures its platform to implement  the service  requirements  of the MVNO, including creating plans across multiple operators, inventory build-up, setting up billing and user management tools.

5. Regulatory Compliance: Spenza provides comprehensive support to get certified and  compliant with all relevant laws and regulations, including GDPR and Soc2 compliance.

6. Testing and Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing and quality assurance are conducted before the official launch to identify and address any potential issues, ensuring the MVNO is fully operational and ready to deliver a seamless user experience.

7. Launch and Ongoing Support: With everything in place, the MVNO is ready for launch. Spenza provides a single pane of glass and  support channel across partner operator systems to identify any technical issues, assign ownership and track issues to closure. 

Why Choose Spenza for Your MVNO Launch?

Spenza offers a competitive edge with its global connectivity, robust platform, and advanced APIs. Here are some key benefits:

  • Global Connectivity: 4G/5G data, voice, and SMS services in over 200 countries.
  • Flexible Plans: Affordable and flexible plans tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Advanced APIs: Scalable APIs for managing all connectivity use cases, supporting complex workflows and personalized end-user experience.
  • Comprehensive Platform: Manage consumer and IoT devices, services, and plans in one place.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Full support for regulatory compliance and documentation.
  • Expert Support: Continuous support from Spenza’s team of experts to ensure ongoing success.


Launching an MVNO can be a daunting process, but with Spenza’s comprehensive solutions, expert guidance, and cutting-edge technology, businesses can navigate this journey with confidence. Spenza’s global connectivity, robust platform, and advanced APIs ensure a seamless and efficient MVNO launch, enabling companies to quickly bring their services to market and capitalize on new opportunities in the telecommunications landscape.

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

Spenza’s solutions are trusted by industry leaders to provide reliable, scalable, and flexible connectivity services globally. Join the ranks of successful MVNOs powered by Spenza and transform your telecommunications offerings today.

For more information on how Spenza can assist in launching your MVNO, visit our website or contact us at

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