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Data Driven SaaS Procurement and Management

Efficient and flexible SaaS procurement process with real-time data and AI powered optimization
SaaS procurement made easier with Spenza

Negotiate like never before

Spenza offers you better prices for your SaaS purchases with the bundled pricing. With its marketplace apps, it holds a greater negotiating power to save huge on your tech stack procurement.

Seamless vendor and contract management

Spenza helps you avoid the nightmare of maintaining multiple contracts, vendor documents in different places. Spenza offers you a single dashboard to give you a complete overview of your tech stack along with vendors and contracts for a hassle-free SaaS operation.

Informed renewals

No more subscription renewal without knowing the usage or status. Spenza notifies you about the upcoming renewals along with its active usage data for you to decide on the renewal.

Automate procurement process

Stop wasting time on frequent and repeated IT tasks. With Spenza’s hundreds of built-in or your own custom rule-based workflows you can automate up to 80% of your administration tasks and save tons of resources.

Optimize SaaS spend

Spenza offers deep insights into your entire SaaS portfolio to discover unused licenses and redundant apps so you can offload them easily. Spenza also gives you personalized recommendations to opt for better plans based on the usage in order to save money.

Organize your SaaS vendors and contracts