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The VXSuite modules provide actionable business intelligence on how to define, design, integrate, optimize, and manage the technologies that make up your ecosystem as well as monitor and support each customer’s unique configuration. VXSuite’s modular approach allows customers or partners to address whichever areas are most important to them or have the highest risk, and it allows customers to move toward true live voice management one step at a time or at whatever pace budgets, training, discipline, needs and understanding allow. Telarus acquired VXSuite in 2015.

  • Lightweight
  • Technology Agnostic
  • Pre-assessments
  • Managed Endpoints
  • Network Analytics
  • Call Analytics

What is VXSuite?

VXSuite offers a complete CX management platform that helps companies deiver better communication experience.

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Spenza is a leading SaaS management platform offering a comprehensive dashboard to discover apps, manage SaaS operations and optimize the SaaS spend for IT teams in mid-size and enterprise organizations.

With Spenza you can:

✅ Discover VXSuite’s users

✅ Track usage

✅ Get alerts for renewal dates

✅ Manage licenses and much more

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