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Sonic Business

WHO IS SONIC: 27 year old privately held company with over 150,000 customers in California. Sonic has engineered a top-tier network that is very reliable with huge backhaul capacity. For the last 5 years, Sonic has been building out wholly-owned fiber throughout the San Francisco Bay Area which has no reliance on ATT. Sonic customers are never subject to congestion and over-saturation issues and remain loyal because they receive reliable service and receive exceptional customer support from Sonic’s customer support center which is located in northern California.

“Sonic was voted #1 Internet Provider by Consumer Reports in 2021 and is dedicated to building wholly-owned Gigabit Fiber internet and phone service to residential, small business, and enterprise-level customers. Sonic supports this vision with privacy protection, fast, efficient installations, and an unbeatable, 24/7 support team for over 27 years.”

SONIC’S SERVICE AREA: San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Irvine (California).

  • Managed Network
  • Hosting
  • Colo
  • 99.99% uptime with an Enterprise Service Level Agreement
  • Phone
  • WiFi
  • Internet

What is Sonic Business?

Sonic Business offers fastest and affordable internet for businesses and homes.

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