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Serenova is a a leading contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) and workforce optimization (WFO) provider utilizing the full Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. We have a True Cloud architecture which means there is no hardware or software to download – you simply log onto a web browser. Our contact center suite includes voice, chat, email, SMS, and social media. Our Omni channel approach allows you to go in between the lines of communication seamlessly. This also allows you to receive meaningful and informed insights about what is going on in the contact center. Because we utilize AWS, this gives us a global reach where we can route lines of communication to any agent, any time, in any country, with any telephony. All Cloud Contact Center solutions may sound similar, but we have some very unique capabilities. We have applications natively and third party in our ECO system. We work very closely with our 3rd party Partners to ensure your customer has the best fit and the best solution. Our flexibly allows us to integrate easily to technology solutions outside of our platform. We also have our own WFO solution integrated on our platform, in the cloud, or premise solution, both solutions can be sold as a standalone. With 18 years behind us, Serenova’s CxEngage and CXQM platform delivers reliably and great customer experiences with our unified Cloud Contact Center solution – that can scale up throughout your organization or scale out geographically.

  • True Cloud Architecture
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Contact Center

What is Serenova?

Serenova’s innovative cloud-native Lifesize CxEngage contact center platform helps businesses build deeper customer connections

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