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SCB Global

SCB Global is a leading provider of Microsoft Teams and SD-WAN solutions, with 16 years of unparalleled experience in delivering cutting edge voice services. Their long-established knowledge and expertise make them the perfect partner to work with. SCB Global strives to break silos in business communications, placing all collaboration tools under a simple single pane of glass with their Microsoft Teams centered OPTO solutions. Whether it be global collaboration solutions, secure and resilient remote working solutions or security and communication optimizations, SCB Global’s unique single vendor approach makes them the smart partner choice for all of your enterprise needs.

  • Global SIP
  • Compliant Call recording
  • OPTOShield security
  • Global Full stack coverage
  • Direct Routing
  • Contact Center
  • SD-WAN
  • Microsoft Teams integration

What is SCB Global?

SCB Global is a industry leading solutions provider natively integrated into Microsoft Teams and hosted in Azure since early 2019.

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