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Mid-sized companies across the globe are faced with changing internal processes and customer expectations. With limited internal IT staff and fixed budgets, delivering on these expectations is an impossible challenge. At Performive, we specialize in partnering with growing SMBs and mid-sized companies by delivering secure, VMware-based cloud solutions, along with on-demand engineering resources and 24x7x365 Devoted CustomerSupport. To meet our customers’ needs, our infrastructure portfolio has expanded into the full cloud, colocation, and bare metal spectrum, as well as security, data protection, and managed services. With more than 20 data center locations across the globe, these medium-sized businesses now have the global reach for expansion, as well as low-cost entry into hot new markets. This allows our customers’ internal IT teams to fully focus on driving innovation and business solutions in this demanding, ever-changing, technology-focused era

  • Multi-Cloud Management
  • Security Services
  • Bare Metal/IaaS
  • Horizon VDI
  • Managed O365 and Backups
  • Managed Baas & DRaaS
  • VMWare Cloud Anywhere

What is Performive?

Performive provides mid-sized CyberSecurity solutions and IT transformation and modernization solutions.

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Spenza is a leading SaaS management platform offering a comprehensive dashboard to discover apps, manage SaaS operations and optimize the SaaS spend for IT teams in mid-size and enterprise organizations.

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✅ Track usage

✅ Get alerts for renewal dates

✅ Manage licenses and much more

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