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Nord Security

Nord Security

On the heels of the world’s number one VPN service, Nord Security took the experience of over 15 Million users and over 10,000 server onramps to launch a set of business services on fully-owned, globally dedicated infrastructure. Combining customer requested features and collaboration with Gartner and others, Nord Security is delivering a cloud native SASE and ZTNA solution, NordLayer, to SMB and Enterprise that can be stood up in a day, administered in real time and scaled on demand for any business across all device types. This highly compatible service also delivers on-demand next generation networking in the cloud that includes available dedicated servers and IP Addresses. 4,000 companies are already using these services. They are proven, trusted and loved by customers worldwide, alongside a next-generation password manager, NordPass, and file encryption tool, NordLocker

  • All device types supported (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux)
  • NordLocker – Secure Storage & File Sharing
  • NordPass – Password Manager
  • Legacy VPN Replacement
  • SASE – Secure Access Service Edge
  • ZTNA – Zero Trust Network Access
  • NordLayer – Cloud Security + Cloud ZTNA
  • Remote & Mobile User Security Solutions

What is Nord Security?

Nord Security’s range of products helps with online privacy and security in times of increased cybercrime and data protection issues.

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Nord Security

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