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Modas Systems, Inc

Modas Systems delivered to market a unique back-office tax and regulatory compliance solution for OEM’s and Resellers that either don’t know how to address charging tax on transactions or don’t want the hassle of dealing with it. Our Momentum platform is a B2Btransaction clearinghouse that addresses jurisdictional legal requirements for doing business in other states and countries. Momentum offers a marketplace-like experience for channel Partners that want to quickly add new products and services to their offerings without the hassle of state and foreign government registrations and taxes on transactions.

  • Spireon
  • myDevices
  • RabbitRun via T-Mobile
  • Telecom and Sales Tax Regulatory Back Office Compliance

What is Modas Systems, Inc?

MODAS provides an innovative platform complete with go-to-market tools including customer billing, tax compliance, and remittance that simplify and automate sales process.

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