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Kansas Fiber Network, LLC (KsFiberNet) offers a statewide broadband network, connecting metro and rural Kansas communities with a state-of-the-art 100 Gbps 4,000+-mile backbone fiber network with a multi-state footprint and a national reach. KsFiberNet was chartered in 2009 by 29 Independent Kansas Telephone Companies and continues to provide wholesale Internet and data transport services to enable regional and national carriers, wholesale, government, education, healthcare, and banking customers throughout Kansas and neighboring states.

  • High Availability Ethernet Service (Scalable 10 Mbps-100 Gbps, support increasing bandwidth requirements, ability to service multiple locations)
  • Dedicated Internet Service (10Mbps-10+ Gbps, multiple 10 Gbps upstream Internet providers, multiple content delivery networks)
  • Wavelength Service (Linear or Protected Transport Services, Route Diversity, Express routes/low latency, 10G and 100G)
  • Dark Fiber and Custom Builds
  • Data Center Connectivity

What is KsFiberNet?

Kansas Fiber Network — a statewide fiber optic network. They offer unmatched customer service and support, providing reliable, dependable, customized solutions to wholesale and business customers.

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