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Halo Global

Halo Global is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for SD-WAN. They spend time evaluating SD-WAN platforms and only select the best in class solution for all customer verticals. They provide a No Risk SD-WAN policy, you are contracted with Halo Global, not a particular SD-WAN solution. If a solution stops meeting your needs you can switch to any of their other 7 platforms, at no cost. They assist Trusted Advisors and Customers with demos, POCs, Selection, Procurement, Configuration, Deployment, Activation/Migration, and post-deployment support, including calling carriers when circuits fail.

  • SD-WAN Procurement- 8 Platforms
  • SD-WAN Deployment- White Glove Configuration, Deployment, Activation, and Migration Services
  • SD-WAN and Carrier Circuit Support- Full 24/7/365 monitoring, analytics, notification, and fault restoration
  • Global Connectivity- Customers can Bring Their Own Bandwidth (BYOB) or procure from Halo for a single bill
  • Field Dispatch – Domestic or International in most countries
  • SASE and Network Security- Unified Threat Management – all in one appliance or OEM through industry-leading, next-gen firewall platforms
  • WAN Optimization
  • Digital Experience Monitoring and End Point Device Management

What is Halo Global?

Halo Global’s SD-WAN Procurement Services covers 8 different platforms from Cisco Systems and Dell EMC.

Halo Global’s SD-WAN Deployment Services includes White Glove Configuration and Deployment Services as well as Activation and Migration Services.

Halo Global’s SD-WAN and Carrier Circuit Support includes 24/7/365 monitoring analytics notification fault restoration services.

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