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GreenPages Technology Solutions

Microsoft CSP, Network/Infrastructure/Cloud/IT Team Assessments, Digital Transformation Roadmaps, Security Posture and Hygiene Assessments/Advisory Services, Asset Imaging and Distribution Services, VAR/IT Procurement Services, Custom Data Engineering Effectively plan, build, run, and govern hybrid cloud environments Make informed, strategic CapEx and OpEx decisions about your IT investments Improve organizational efficiency and velocity to give your organization a unique competitive advantage Implement strategies to scale IT operations with the right people in the right places Move your IT organization from being infrastructure builders to brokers of IT services Empower your end users and Lines of Business while maintaining control and ensuring security Plan and manage complex IT initiatives such as M&As and datacenter moves Provide accurate business intelligence for IT and business executives and regulatory bodies Source, order, configure, and deliver hardware and software products Recruit and hire top IT talent on a permanent, contract, or contract-to-hire basis

  • RECON – Business Analytics Platfrom Asset Mgt, Compliance Reporting, Benchmarking, Network Monitoring, IP Scanning, GRC – Governance Risk Mgt Compliance
  • yber Security – Consulting/Advisory Services, Penn Testing, APPSEC, MGd MDR, Ransomeware Remediation and Prevention, CISO on Demand
  • Microsoft Services – Migrate ME – Migration Services , O365, Licensing, Active Directory, Sentinal Microsoft Security Platform- includes, .Com .Gov
  • CSP – Microsoft, AWS, Azure GP Accelartor , GPCX Cloud Consumption and Utilization and Deployment Automation
  • Mgd Services – Support Desk, Desktop – Through Data Center – includes Data Center and Cloud based Infrastructure management

What is GreenPages Technology Solutions?

GreenPages provides a full-service IT outsourcing partner for your business needs.

Our team of experts understands the needs of your end users and Lines of Business, and we can manage complex IT initiatives such as M&As and data center moves.

We provide accurate business intelligence for IT and business executives, regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders who need to know what is happening with your infrastructure.

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