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EPIC Connections is a global customer engagement and contact center consulting company. Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and government entities around the world turn to EPIC Connections when conventional approaches are not enough to activate change and achieve results. Privately-held since 2003, EPIC Connections is a leading contact center professional services firm that delivers process improvement, performance management and technology services to organizations seeking to transform operations, increase agent productivity and realize significant savings through decisive action. EPIC’s senior professionals are experienced contact center industry veterans who draw upon the firm’s operations background to help leaders turn change into a strategic business asset and unlock value at every stage. With EPIC Connections as your transformation partner, you’ll be ensured of a great result for you, your contact center and your company. www.epicconnections.com

  • Contact Center Optimization of People, Process and Technology
  • Contact Center Assessments
  • CCaaS RFP Process Management
  • Contact Center Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services
  • CCaaS Project Management
  • CCaaS Account Management
  • CCaaS Implementation
  • Contact Center Consulting

What is Epic Connections?

EPIC Connections is a leading customer engagement and contact center consulting company. With fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and government entities around the world as customers of EPIC Connections. Primary offerings of the EPIC Connections are Contact Center Optimization of People, Process, and Technology, Contact Center Assessments, CCaaS RFP, Process Management, CCaaS Implementation, and Contact Center Consulting.

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