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Our Network and our Apogee platform were designed for the M2M and IoT markets.  We provide organizations the flexibility to manage all of their devices from a “single pane of glass” via our Apogee Platform.  Founded in 2012 and acquired by Zirrus Group in 2014, Data2Go Wireless has been serving the wireless connectivity needs of businesses across the United States.  Our mission is to help your company meet the ever growing challenges of data connectivity.  Whether you are trying to create a highly available data network or enabling your M2M or IoT devices, Data2Go can help.  Through our Nationwide Carrier Agnostic Network™ and our hardware manufacturer partners, Data2Go Wireless has a solution for your company.

  • Hardware
  • Ethernet over LTE
  • Wireless Internet Failover
  • M2M Data Plans

What is Data2Go wireless?

Data2Go Wireless is a wireless connectivity and data management company that helps businesses across the United States meet the ever-growing challenges of data connectivity.

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