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CYRISMA was founded in Rochester, NY in 2018 to bring accessibility, affordability, and simplicity back to cybersecurity. CYRISMA is a SaaS-based ecosystem that provides a single interface to identify sensitive data, vulnerable systems, insecure configurations, track mitigation progress, and assign accountability. Organizations that utilize this solution see significant ROI against their resources, time, money, and people while meeting compliance mandates. The company is backed by StartFast and other investors. For more information, contact https://www.cyrisma.com

  • Data Classification
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Secure Configuration
  • Consulting Services
  • Data Sensitivity

What is CYRISMA?

Cyrisma takes data classification to the next level by eliminating the need for manual classification.

Users can set up any type of sensitive data—from financial records to medical information—and have it automatically categorized with built-in algorithms that provide risk scores based on its sensitivity level.

This makes it easy for users to identify sensitive data without having to know how they should classify it themselves.

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