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Appgate is the secure access company. We empower how people work and connect by providing solutions purpose-built on Zero Trust security principles. This people-defined security approach enables fast, simple and secure connections from any device and location to workloads across any IT infrastructure in cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments. Appgate helps organizations and government agencies worldwide start where they are, accelerate their Zero Trust journey and plan for their future. Learn more at appgate.com.

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  • Appgate SDP was named a leader in Forrester’s Zero Trust Network Access New Wave Report and ranked highest in current product offering.
  • Programmable and Adaptable: API-first technology easily integrates and enhances your existing architecture
  • Microperimeters: Enforces principle of least privilege by only granting access to microsegmented resources
  • Dynamic and Continuous: Monitors and modifies access automatically based on context and risk changes
  • Identity-Centric: Evaluates each users’ identity, device and contextual risk as criteria for secure access
  • Cloaked Infrastructure: Makes your network invisible with single packet authorization (SPA).
  • Appgate SDP: The industry’s most comprehensive Zero Trust Network Access Solution

What is Appgate?

Appgate helps companies deliver fast, zero trust secure access to their users.

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