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ADCom Solutions

VEEUE™ Network Monitoring and Management, powered by ADCom Solutions, provides MSP’s and end user customers with complete visibility across the entire IT ecosystem, while providing circuit monitoring and management, backed by our own 24/7/365 US based, English speaking Network Operations Center. Our NOC detects, understands/triages and resolves network and carrier issues, allowing the customer to focus on their core business. VEEUE™ is cloud based, is carrier and equipment agnostic and built on three enterprise pillar technologies, ServiceNow®, Zenoss® and Sisense. VEEUE™ provides complete IT stack analytics with extensive network performance reporting. The difference between VEEUE™ and all others are the people behind the platform with eyes on glass 24×7. ADCom offers all these capabilities brought together on a common, easy to use interface. VEEUE improves overall Observability and will optimize performance, improving connectivity availability, and will eliminate or reduce the mean time to repair/resolution (MTTR), keeping business moving forward.

  • Circuit/Carrier Monitoring/Management
  • Full IT Stack Monitoring/Management
  • AIOps/Artificial Intelligence
  • Platform as a Service
  • Engineering Services
  • Staff Augmentation
  • 24/7/365 US Based, English Speaking NOC
  • On-site Technician / Truck Roll

What is ADCom Solutions?

ADCom Solutions provide cloud-based management platform delivering full-stack monitoring.

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