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ACC AT&T Partner Solutions

AT&T Revamps ACC AT&T Partner Solutions (APS) unveiled a sweeping set of new tools and introduced its new leader to the channel last week. AT&T’s main indirect sales organization announced multiple enhancements to its Partner Exchange, Alliance Channel and ACC Business programs. In the meantime, newly appointed leader Stacey Marx met with channel partners at the recent Channel Partners Conference & Expo, as Zee Hussain bade farewell. Sara Straley, assistant vice president of sales and marketing for AT&T Partner Exchange, was also on hand after accepting the new position earlier this year. The enhancements and changes range from program-specific to overarching all of AT&T Partner Solutions. Partner Exchange, Alliance Channel and ACC Business will each benefit from AT&T Fiber Fast, a tool partners will use to tell their customers how long it will take to light up a building with fiber, whether that be five, 15 or 50 days. “We’re investing in fiber more than anyone else, so that lead is expanding,” said Kevin Leonard, AT&T Business’ vice president of alternate channels. “It’s only valuable if you get it to the customers.” Leonard’s program, along with ACC Business, got their hands on SD-WAN Now. AT&T’s VeloCloud-powered SD-WAN platform remains the same, but the new service streamlines and expedites the process from sales to deployment. Leonard said the entire process will take 30 days. Zee Hussain told us that partner feedback led to the new tool. We’ve had an SD-WAN solution in the market for quite some time, but what our partners told us was, ‘It’s cumbersome. It’s slow. What we need from you is to build us something where we can price it quickly, design it quickly, contract it quickly and implement it quickly,’” Hussain said. ACC, which Hussain said traditionally is known for providing network connectivity, is expanding its portfolio. He said solution providers in the program and their customers have asked for more complete solutions. AT&T has made SD-WAN, voice platform and broadband backup available for ACC. The portfolio additions will be “transformational” for partners when engaging a customer. “Before, they might just stop at an internet connection,” Hussain said. “Now they can say, ‘We’ll sell you voice over the top; we’ll sell you SD-WAN connectivity; we can sell you broadband backup.”

  • Local & Long Distance Services
  • Private Line Services
  • AT&T Switched Ethernet Service
  • AT&T Network Based IP Remote Access (ANIRA)
  • Network Based Firewall (NBFW)
  • AT&T VPN
  • AT&T Dedicated Internet (ADI)

What is ACC AT&T Partner Solutions?

ACC AT&T Partner Solutions offers a host of solutions Internet (IP), MPLS Networking, Ethernet Networking and Cloud Networking.

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