Simplified business mobile service for your
distributed workforce

iSimplexity combines the best mobile plans with hassle-free service management.
Choose plans from THE top 3 US mobile networks.

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Telecom Expense Management

Get the first truly seamless business mobile service experience

Exclusive BYOD mobile plans

Address all mobile connectivity needs with a single contract and pay with one bill. Freedom from one-size-fits all plans.

Mobile service management

Use iSimplexity to manage eSIMs/SIMs, assign plans, activate or deactivate services – all in one place.

Telecom expense management

Track and auto-reconcile expenses with maximum clarity and minimum overhead. Eliminate the need for bill reconciliation.

Same trusted networks. Great customer service.
Ridiculously low prices.

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Single point of contact

Use multiple operator services without the hassle of multiple touchpoints. Track all service issues centrally.

Deploy eSIM plans

Get eSIM activation codes delivered through email or Slack for a completely digital experience.

Only pay for what you use

Simple “Pay as you go” plans for local and international service with complete transparency. No hidden charges.

Design your BYOD connectivity policy with iSimplexity resources


What is eSIM?

eSIM is digital version of SIM that that can be installed on a device over the air. Check other questions on our FAQ page.

eSIM and BYOD?

eSIM and BYOD are made for each other. Know how mobile connectivity can be managed with eSIM devices.

How much do I save?

Check your savings with a simple calculator. Hint: You can save upto 30% of your current stipend costs.


About Us

We are experienced telecom leaders simplifying enterprise mobility.
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